Obstruction light (aircraft warning lights)

Obstruction light (aircraft warning lights) that we present to you is significantly ahead of existing systems both technically and functionally.

Obstruction lamps (aircraft warning lights) that we produce are the merits of engineers with over 10 years of experience in the marking of air obstacles, both in the design phase of lighting installations and in the manufacture of obstruction lighting lamps and control automatics (obstacle lighting controllers). The obstacle lighting lamps offered up to now, despite the high level they offer, have not introduced a new quality in this area for many years.

Presented obstruction lighting lamps from the SMART BEACON series were created to change the face of this industry.

Obstruction lighting (aircraft warning lights), which you can see, has all the necessary certificates, external, accredited research units. We are constantly improving the quality of our obstacle lighting lamps as well as design and assembly services.

We are happy to cooperate with companies that provide mountaineering services necessary to perform obstacle lighting installations.
If you have any questions from designers of obstacle lighting systems, we do our best to support them in this niche industry.

SMART BEACON series lamps are the main element creating obstacle lighting of our production. They are used for night and day marking of objects, recognized as obstacles in air traffic.

Our portfolio also includes obstacle lighting drivers, designed and manufactured in our laboratories.

We warmly invite you to cooperate and contact with our company.
We will be glad to answer for all your questions.

We offer comprehensive implementation of the obstacle lighting system in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of conceptual design documentation, implementation of the arrangements with the competent authorities,
  • Lamps and control automatics, dedicated to your needs,
  • Installation of the installation on the target site - using climbing techniques.
  • We also offer the opportunity to review and maintain existing obstruction lighting installations.

Sales Department - Questions/offers/help:

If you have any problems or doubts with the right choice about obstruction lighting, for more information, contact our Sales Department by:
e-mail: office@bsstc.pl
mobile: +48 789 374 810


Obstruction Light

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