Obstruction light – drivers


Obstruction light drivers

Obstruction light driver - BlueSoft STC production

Are designed to control ICAO type A / B / C low, medium and high intensity lighting fixtures, each time being designed for the installation to be handled and customer needs.


  • Both the power supply and the controllers are protected by fuses.
  • Drivers can be equipped with devices that monitor the state of overvoltage protection.
  • Failure of the module can be signaled by the illumination of a suitable light on the controller door and / or by the appropriate potential contact on the terminal strip.
  • The driver can be equipped with flash module.
  • The work of the controller may be based on GPS / GLONASS receiver, which allows synchronization of lamp circuits.
  • The obstruction lighting can be switched on by the astronomical clock or twilight switch, which automatically switches the lights on after dark.
  • The driver can be controlled externally by the master.
  • The driver can be equipped with a heating system that maintains a constant climate within the distribution box.
  • In this case, the heating system operates autonomously and requires no additional handling or configuration.
  • The driver's box may have an integrated interior lighting system to illuminate during service.
  • The driver may have an MS-GUARDIAN controller (MS).
  • The driver may have a GSM module that allows you to send driver status messages to the indicated telephone number.
  • The driver may have any of the properties indicated by the client.

The controller can have any required function. Each time the controller is designed for the target installation

Sales Department - Questions/offers/help:

If you have any problems or doubts with the right choice about obstruction lighting, for more information, contact our sales department by email: marketing@bsstc.pl

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