SOS ALARM COLUMNS – emergency communications network

The Emergency Communications System provides road users with two-way emergency communication with the on-call center operator in the Traffic Management Center.


Alarm columns - located on platforms along the highway. The columns work in pairs. The single column pair consists of the main column and the secondary column. On one side of the motorway is the main column (Master), the second is the secondary column (Slave). Both columns contain intercoms that form a voice communication interface.

Alarm Communications Surveillance Subsystem - is located in the premises of the Traffic Management Center. It consists of: optoelectronic interface, telecommunication server, data archiving and dispatch console.

Visualization Subsystem - allows you to monitor the operation of your alarm system through a legible and intuitive graphical interface. The great flexibility of configuration ensures that the layout and functionalities of the application meet the requirements of the user.

Transmission medium - it is an optical fiber. It provides the connection between the alarm columns and the Emergency Communications Surveillance System. Fiber optic track is made using passive optical elements technology.


• The alarm communication system provides voice communication between the alarm columns located in the field and the dispatch station located in CZR.
• Call for help from the alarm column is by pressing the button on the front of the column.
• Connections can be initiated from all alarm columns simultaneously.
• Calls made from the alarm column can be redirected to external emergency services from the dispatch console.
• The system performs automated diagnostics, which includes inter alia checking: continuity of telecommunications links, battery charge status of column batteries, column door opening status and many more.
• All events occurring in the system are logged in the system log available from the visualization subsystem.

Alarm Column SOS

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