Obstruction light – Daytime

The daytime obstruction lighting we present to you, in accordance with international standards, can replace the obstacle marking in the form of painting. They are usually used on tall objects where painting is impossible (such as skyscrapers). More and more often our customers choose this solution, reducing the costs associated with painting.

We present you with medium intensity (type A) and high intensity (type A or B) obstacle lighting lamps

We have divided the proposed obstruction fittings here into 2 parts:


SB2000W - obstruction light

  • Used for objects lower than 150m above ground level.

SB2000H - obstruction light

  • Used for objects higher than 150m above ground level.

BSSTC.PL Sp. z o.o. offers you the execution of complex designs for airborne lighting and substantive support in the field of obstacle lighting, including the necessary calculations when you create the projects yourself.

Medium intensity obstruction lighting - Type A/B

High intensity obstruction lighting - Type A/B


If you have any problems or doubts about choosing the right obstacle lighting for your aircraft, please contact our Sales Department by phone or email:
+48 789 374 810 / office@bsstc.pl

Daytime obstruction lights may be available in a dual version with nighttime obstruction lights.
This allows you to combine the function required for daytime operation with the lighting function required at night. All this in one unit.

We invite you to get acquainted with our dual lamps.

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