Low intensity obstruction light

In the low intensity lighting fixtures that we produce, we use the latest photonics technology, which allows us to fully miniaturize the lamps with all the stringent requirements.

The low-intensity lamp, which meets the requirements of ICAO type A and B, presents the following characteristics:

  • Low power consumption - up to 1.6 W (ICAO A), up to 2 W (ICAO B
  • Very low weight of the lamp - not more than 2.5 kg,
  • Integrated lamp construction (light alloys and composites) - IP65 degree of protection,
  • Mechanical impact resistance - at least IK08,
  • Housing surface protected by antioxidant layers,
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate  (EMC) 
  • Long lifetime of active optical elements - over 100,000 hours,
  • Easy installation on site - 1 "thread, dedicated support structures
  • Integrated overvoltage protection - TII class at 36kA surge protection rated European EN61000-4-5: 2009.
  • The solution meets the requirements of regulations issued by:
    • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO),
    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),
    • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

We are Polish manufacturer of presented solutions for the lighting of the air obstacle.
We perform installation projects or help in its execution.
We install and work with companies dealing with alpine methods montages.

We are open to your suggestions, constantly expanding the range of services we offer.

Sales Department - Questions/offers/help:

If you have any problems or doubts with the right choice about obstruction lighting, for more information, contact our sales department by email: marketing@bsstc.pl

Electrical parameters of low-intensity lamps - SB2000/L

Obstruction light electrical parameters

Medium intensity
- C/B Type

Obstruction light

C/B Type

Medium Intensity
- B Type
(wind turbines)

Obstruction light

B Type

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